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The thousands of babies born through the assistance of IVF at Unica, and their happy families, are a testament of our efforts and success. Unica Clinic, Bucharova 2657/12, Brno (2020) Domů Města Země Unica Prague Unica Brno Our Prague clinic is our newest facility, ideally located in close proximity to the city center, metro, airport, and train station. Our state-of-the-art facilities and convenient location make this clinic an excellent choice for treatment.

Unicareal s.R.O. Roubalova 455/4 602 00 Brno-Střed-Str nice telefon: +420 542 211 876 mobil: +420 774 740 345 e-mail: [email protected] www: www.Unicareal.Cz UNICA’s original Brno clinic was one of the first clinics for reproductive medicine in the Czech Republic. The clinic has been treating infertile patients since 1994.The clinic in Prague came as a natural addition in order to accommodate our patients coming from the many European countries that turn to us for help in their quest for a child.Building on the success of its operations, in 2014 La Catedral de Sant Pere i Sant Pau es troba en el pujol de Petrov, al centre de la ciutat de Brno, a la Rep riament barroc, mentre que les impressionants torres de 84 metres d Brno ( ? I escolteu-ne la pronunciaci via, a l'aiguabarreig dels rius Svitava i Svratka.Hi ha la Vila Tugendhat inscrita en la llista del Patrimoni de la